About Me

IMG_5089.pngHi there! I’m Ivanna from Santa Cruz, Bolivia. I call Warsaw my home since 2013 and I absolutely love cooking. Cooking has not always been my passion . In fact, few years ago I could barely cook an egg. I can still completely surprise some of my old friends when I tell them that I love to cook now. It all started when I was studying in Germany and was living in a student dorm. I started cooking for my friends and I liked it so much because it was an excuse to get people together. Also, that feeling after somebody tells you how amazing something you created tasted, I think it’s the biggest satisfaction ever!

My passion for cooking has also a lot to do with my family, especially my mom. She can do literally everything, but her biggest talent is cooking. She can really cook! And in really large quantities. Family dinners for 15-20 people in my parent’s house happened way more often I think Europeans would consider normal. Not to even mention Saturdays’ get-together for “Cafecito” time. All my aunties, cousins and uncles will meet in my house and bring something delicious to share over “coffee time”. Something I truly miss every weekend here.

Now, what’s Camba and why Camba kitchen? Well, Santa Cruz is the land of Cambas. Camba is a person who comes from that part of Bolivia. But for me, and I think for a lot of people in my city, it’s a way to describe our culture. There are so many things that define Cambas and one of the most important is our food. Now, I hardly get the chance to cook Camba food, or any type of Bolivian food in Poland because I am always lacking some ingredients. But I hope that now with the start of this blog, I’ll dare myself to get creative and do it more often.

But since I enjoy cooking and baking so many different types of cuisine, I don’t plan to write here only about Bolivan food. I am just sure that the place where I grew up, the influence of my mom’s cooking and the “big family” tradition we have back there will always influence my kitchen. That’s why my kitchen will always be a Camba kitchen, no matter where I go.

I hope you enjoy reading!