Empanadas de Queso (cheese empanadas)


Hi there! I’m super excited to finally share my first recipe with you :). These cheese empanadas are the greatest combination to a good cup of South American coffee. Bolivians love to have a coffee break in the afternoon and eat savory snacks like empanadas, which are also great finger food for parties. But the best is to eat them right after they have been fried.



  • 500 g all-purpose flour
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 250 ml water
  • 100 g butter or lard
  • Grated cheese for filling the empanadas (I like to mix gouda with mozzarella)
  • 2 tsp Salt
  • 1 l vegetable oil for frying


Put the flour, egg yolk, butter, salt and  2/3 of the water in a mixer. Mix all ingredients on slow or medium level until you can see all ingredients are well incorporated and a thick dough was formed. Check with your fingers if the dough isn’t too dry. If yes, add the rest of the water.

Be carefull not to over mix it.


My dough was a bit sticky so I sprinkled more flour on it and mixed it a bit more until I got a smoother dough. It looked liked this:


If you don’t have a mixer, just put all ingredients in a big bowl and knead it to bring all ingredients together. It’s actually much better because you can feel if your dough needs more flour or water and you can also stop once you think the dough is well mixed. So less chances of over mixing. I just use the mixer because it’s much faster (and I’m a lazy cook :P).

Cut the dough in half and roll out one half on a floured surface until you get around 3mm thickness. Then use a small bowl or any round surface you have with the 8-10 cm diameter to cut the discs.


Then fill the discs with one small spoon of grated cheese.


Close and seal the empanadas with the help of a fork.


Once you have all your empanadas ready, pour the whole liter of vegetable oil in a medium size pot (preferably a thick one) and wait until it gets really hot. (A tip to know when the oil is ready to fry the empanadas is to cut a small piece of dough and throw it in the oil. If it goes up immediately, then the oil is ready for frying.


Fry the empanadas until you see they have a slightly golden-brown colour. And that’s it. I hope you enjoy your empanadas 😉

IMG_5267Do you like the pictures of my first post? Then check out Kaja’s Facebook page in here. She is a great photographer who loves to share the pictures of her travels.

14 thoughts on “Empanadas de Queso (cheese empanadas)

  1. Ana E. von Bergen says:

    Felicidades Ivana!!! Muy buena idea!!! Ya te voy a pasar recetas por privado para que las plasmes en esta pagina, como te suena un flan? Besos!


  2. sztubidubidu says:

    Recipe sounds great but I might be too lazy to make them myself. If you were selling them, I’d buy for sure! Filip loved them and so did I 🙂
    Anyway, keeping my fingers crossed! Iwona


  3. Gdzie są Lamy? says:

    The empanadas look delicious!! And I was not even thinking that the receipe is so easy! It makes me tring it at home. Thank you for sharing! I love your blog 😍 looking forward for more 😊


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